One teacher’s search for meaning in the cloud

I started making this as part of my application for the google teacher academy. It had to be one minute long so I used voice over. When I get the chance I will re-edit with more captions and better sound.


2 thoughts on “One teacher’s search for meaning in the cloud

    1. Colin Campbell Post author


      The connectivism and connected 2011 knowledge course is running at the moment (about 4 weeks in) and although better followed in its entirety as some of the topics link back to previous weeks and get pretty theoretical, I think some sessions work well as stand alones.

      For example last week I listened to Neil Selwyn on “Social media and education: reasons to be fearful? which was a recording of one of the elluminate sessions that are recorded here.

      The course is organised by George Siemens and Stephen Downes who are both worth following. Even though they both work in tertiary education, their focus is essentially learning and technology. A good introduction to Downes would be this post on connected people and Siemens here on teacher traits.

      Here is the link to the course outline.

      Another way to follow is just to seach on twitter for the hashtag #cck11

      Hope that helps….best cc


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