Watching me, watching me – Synecdoche New York movie poster

Jim Groom’s digital storytelling course – DS106, is fun, clever and inventive. It has also got me asking good questions and has even unsettled me a little and as any readers of this post or this older one will know – I consider a bit of confusion to be an essential part of any good project or learning experience. This time the unhinging is all around digital identity, a topic I hope to come back to as the course continues.

Thinking about identity led me to select Charlie Kaufman’s ‘Synecdoche New York’ as a film to create an alternate poster for. A movie obscure, inventive and original enough to perhaps have ended his Hollywood career but hopefully not his creative output. His previous films Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Adaptation and Being John Malkovich had all focused on characters struggling with their place in the world. His protagonists can barely cope with themselves, never mind the single minded, self-assured women they all seem to fall for. For my poster I had a go at representing the central project that Philip Seymour Hoffman’s theatre director Caden Cotard gets lost in as the film progresses.

Synechdoche NY film poster by Colin McCampbell

Synechdoche NY film poster by Colin McCampbell

I wonder what Cotard might have done for his photo for the daily shoot on the topic of ‘deadlines’. Perhaps just himself alone on a huge empty stage. I captured where all good deadline days start and tend to return to fairly regularly.

'Deadline' by ColinMCampbell

'Deadline' by ColinMCampbell

If I could have taken a point of view shot of me making an uncessarily complicated sandwich that would have been even better but I think this makes the point.


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