Minimalist There Will Be Blood Poster

There Will be Blood minimalist movie poster

There Will be Blood minimalist movie poster

Right, getting into the minimalist movie picture idea now for the digital storytelling course I am following. Here I take on Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic There Will Be Blood. I got the oil barrel from here and I used sketchbook pro to add the drinking straws that I took from another picture (lost source sorry) and just erased the edges. I lost photoshop a while back when my hard-drive crashed and I’d really recommend sketchbook pro for this type of task. More of a drawing programme but has layers and really smooth intuitive controls.


4 thoughts on “Minimalist There Will Be Blood Poster

  1. shannotate

    Awesome! This looks great. Good job on putting the straws in the can, very good work in sketchbook pro. I’ve never tried is before but I might have to check it out.

  2. simkathy

    I love the stunning simplicity of your poster and the choice of a serif font. Sans serif would have been too ordinary. Also I like the understated red on the straws. Less is more in this case. Now I have to go check out sketchbook pro. Nice job.

  3. Jim Groom

    I agree with both Shannon an simkathy, the simplicity an the straws. Particularly the straws, it adds a fun effect to the serious wight of this film.

    1. Colin Campbell Post author

      Thanks for the feedback, Shannon, simkathy and Jim. Really enjoyed the challenge of trying to distill such a complex and brutal film into one image but for me it has to include a reference to the final few scenes where we see where a lifetime of sucking up all has taken Daniel Plainview. The screenwriter’s use of the milkshake analogy works so well in the crucial exchange, as here we have two child-like characters unable to cope with anything but their own desires. Really busy this week but keen to try to squeeze in a sound effect story.


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