Creative community building with PechaKucha Hanoi

PKHN flyers #1 by cc and #2 and #3 by Julie VoLa

PKHN flyers #1 by cc and #2 and #3 by Julie VoLa

Hanoi based photographer Matthew Dakin kicks off PKHN#1

Hanoi based photographer Matthew Dakin kicks off PKHN#1

Our hope for PechaKucha Hanoi was that with an open approach and the inherent flexibility of the 20 slides x 20 seconds format we would be able to tempt some of the creativity lurking shyly in the corners of our city out into the open – and so it has proved. Over the three events there have been almost as many styles and subjects as we have had presentations. We have seen Hanoi photostories, the outing of secret passions and several personal accounts of how and why people create their art, music, films and enterprises.

Cate Gunn + Blue Dragon kids PKHN #1

Cate Gunn + Blue Dragon kids PKHN #1

We have also, pleasingly, seen our presenters push the format in different directions including using images with sign language, a single visual concept repeated, a bilingual pictorial poem and some musical experimentation. We welcome these innovations and look forward to seeing how our next set of speakers will engage with the growing audience (more than 250 at the last event) at our next event in mid-May.

Musician Tri Minh presenting at PKHN#3

Musician Tri Minh presenting at PKHN#3

We do feel we can do better in reaching out to different sections of the local community though. Our most important goal for PechaKucha Hanoi is for it to be a community event for Hanoians of any background or culture to share ideas and this is a work in progress. We saw in the last event two bilingual presentations and we hope for more of that from both native and non-native Vietnamese speakers.

Courtyard screen PKHN#3

Courtyard screen PKHN#3

We owe a huge debt to our hosts at the Hanoi Cinematheque for helping us create a warm and open atmosphere for the three nights we have run. By helping us to set up two screens, we have been able to offer different ways to experience the event. In the main room with the presenters or, in the courtyard closer to the bar.

Mainroom PKHN#3

Mainroom PKHN#3

Community Support

PechaKucha Hanoi has been a pleasure to organise as we have had so much support from the local community. As well as our gratitude to all our plucky speakers special thanks go to photographer Julie Vola for her help with the wonderful flyers and @lissgriffin for pushing buttons, fixing slideshows and for being at the end of the phone. We have also had great support from both the Word and the Hanoi Grapevine as official media sponsors and are also very grateful to @Hanoi_Ink, @TheComicalHat and @StickyinHanoi for keeping the Hanoian twitterverse abreast of our activities.

Based in Hanoi and keen to present?
Our next event is scheduled for Thursday the 17th of May and we are are looking for a few more speakers to add to those that have already signed up. Remember you can talk about pretty much anything – email us (see sidebar) with your ideas and we will get back to you.

Fancy getting involved?

Photographer/ Audio Visual Support
To help us record and run event we are looking for someone to take photographs and help set up and run the two screens.

Graphic Designer
We are also looking for a volunteer to help us with graphic design and the building of a website.

Mail list?
Please drop us an email and we will add you to our mail list.

We welcome feedback and ideas for future events that you can either post in the comments section of this post or email us.


3 thoughts on “Creative community building with PechaKucha Hanoi

  1. Steve Jackson

    Hi, seems interesting. Just wanted to give you some feedback. Might just be me but while there seems to be a lot of talk about PK there’s not quite so much explanation of what it is. It makes it feel a little bit cliquey. I’d love to get involved but there’s not too much I can find in terms of outlines. Is it best to come and along and watch a couple of times first?

    Any chance of some YouTube clips of presentations to date? Like I said, it seems interesting but not really sure I’m getting it and the info seems to be weighted towards those who already have an idea what’s going on.


    1. Colin Campbell Post author


      Thanks for the comment. Yes I’d say coming along next month on May 17th would be the best way to get the run of things. The format is simple – every speaker gets up and presents for for 6 mins and 40s, they each get 20 slides x 20 seconds.

      In a book written by the two architects that started the whole thing in Tokyo they say,

      “If everyone has the the same tools to play with, it is revealing how differently people can use them. It is an an extremely leveling experience to see a student next to a star designer, having the exact same parameters to work within”.

      This is very much the premise we are working on for the Hanoi event. We want to make it as eclectic and open as possible. We are up for working with anyone who wants to speak. We might ask people to tweak things a little to ensure we are respectful to a spoken word night hosted in VN and try to keep to the guidelines for presentations listed below.

      Again from the pechakucha book

      Guidelines for the presentaions
      -20 images
      -visually appealing creative contents only
      -no long winded manifestos
      no straight advertising
      no pie charts

      You can see loads of presentations from PechaKucha nights from all over the world here here. We hope to have some going up from the last event in Hanoi soon.

      Hope to see you at the cinematheque next month.


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