Homage to Hanoi and its powers of reinvention

Hanoi is our home from home and to see people leave is very sad, but that is part of things. This beautiful leaving post by one of our community has pushed me to write this morning, to say goodbye and pay respect to the regenerative and re-inventive powers of our city.

There is something about Hanoi and the people that stick around that make it addictive. Many are put off by its brusqueness, it’s frenetic and increasingly polluted avenues and alleyways. There are days when you would happily drive out of the throngs and just keep going, just keep driving north or south, anywhere but just keep going. It wouldn’t be a bad move to be honest because before you know it you might be here,

or here

However, for those of us that have stayed we have been rewarded by a place that seems to nudge you in the right direction – that says, “Are you still here? Have you done that thing you were saying you would do?” Then you end up in a place like this,

cafe nau da by cc

cafe nau da by cc

with a notebook, plotting all sorts of grand schemes.

Dom is just the latest of many people we have seen arrive in one guise and leave under another, having followed an inclination and turned it into a way of living. Sometimes they move on, sometimes they stay and often they come back. Anyhoo – adios and good luck Mr Dom (and Ms Cat). Can’t think of a time I bumped into you both and you didn’t make me laugh. Look forward to seeing more pics from Berlin and you back in the bia hoi to tell us all about it.


One thought on “Homage to Hanoi and its powers of reinvention

  1. rollingbolus

    Thank-you for your lovely words Colin oi.

    It’s a special place alright. Both, as you say, for the ‘regenerative and re-invigorating powers’ of the city, and for the people who choose to stick around and let it work its magic.

    Enjoy Hanoi nhe, enjoy that coffee (unless I can work out a way to reach into the screen and drink it myself), best of luck with your new project, and, until the next bia hoi, take care, and much su khoe to you and your family.


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