The Swift Kick Characterizes the Man

“It is with a simple yet sublime gesture that Charlie expresses his supreme detachment from that biographical and social world in which, for us, we are plunged.”

blinking buffon

“…when Charlie is involved with an object for some time he quickly contracts a sort of mechanical cramp.”


charlie shake 2

“One of the most characteristic aspects of Charlie’s freedom in respect to the demands of society is his total indifference to the category of things held sacred”

charlie eyebeows 8

‘Essay on Charlie Chaplin’, from What is cinema by Andre Bazin.


One thought on “The Swift Kick Characterizes the Man

  1. Jim Groom

    I really love this idea of using animated GIFs to demonstrate a theory or idea from a cultural critic. Often times such writing is deep and complex, and the visual not only helps lighten it a bit, but also has an interpretive quality that may very well help someone else understand the idea in new ways. A kind of teaching through GIFs. I love it!


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