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Five reasons to PechaKucha

This summer we contacted the creators of PechaKucha, Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture) to ask them if we could start a PechaKucha night in Hanoi. They said yes. What follows are five reasons to consider attending one of these events, be it ours or another of the regular nights happening in 442 cities around the world.

20 x 20 by C Campbell (cctinto on flickr)
20 x 20 by C Campbell (cctinto on flickr)

1. The creativity of constriction.

Sonneteers have 14 lines, twitterers 140 characters and PechaKucha presenters 20 seconds on each of their 20 slides. Rather than a hindrance, constrictions like these can be the catalyst for creativity, for distilling your thoughts down to what you really want to say. Additionally, the format lends itself to presentations and evenings that flow.


'Serendipity' by alex drennan from flickr

'Serendipity' by alex drennan from flickr

2. Serendipity

It is easy to get a little tangled up in the webs and routines many of us find ourselves in, especially as our search engines and social networking software get better at telling us what they think we want to know. A PechaKucha night can provide a useful way to mix things up a little, to get a glimpse of what people in other fields are doing and the way they are going about it. On a good night you might just get an idea that helps you make a breakthrough with a project you are working on or happen across something that takes you down a new and productive path.


'House' by Hideyuki Nakayama from www.busyboo.com

'House' by Hideyuki Nakayama from http://www.busyboo.com

3. Design literate

PechaKucha was started by designers for designers and while the concept has evolved into a much broader and diverse network, a level of design mindfulness remains at its core. Speakers, be they professional or amateur, are all trying to communicate a visually arresting narrative with their audience.





4. Open, community based and not-for-profit

Anyone can get up and talk about pretty much anything at a PechaKucha night. It is about sharing ideas. The organisers both globally and locally do not make money from the events and the only reason someone might not be granted permission to speak at a PK night is if the organisers feel the content may not be in keeping with the ethos of the event or may put the permission to run the event in jeopardy.

'beer' by  aka_lusi from flickr

'beer' by aka_lusi from flickr

5. Conviviality

With all that this creative nourishment going on you will have more than earned the right to have a few beers in a setting where you can decide how you want to experience the event.

The Hanoi version at the homely Cinematheque on 22A Hai Ba Trung Street will have two spaces where you can follow the presentations. This means you can either sit down in the main room where the speakers will present or mingle at the bar where another screen will show the presentations, an ideal spot for a little gentle hob-nobbing.

If you are interested in presenting at a Hanoi PechaKucha night please contact us by email at hanoipechakucha@gmail.com. If you want more details about upcoming events go here or follow us on twitter.


Minimalist There Will Be Blood Poster

There Will be Blood minimalist movie poster

There Will be Blood minimalist movie poster

Right, getting into the minimalist movie picture idea now for the digital storytelling course I am following. Here I take on Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic There Will Be Blood. I got the oil barrel from here and I used sketchbook pro to add the drinking straws that I took from another picture (lost source sorry) and just erased the edges. I lost photoshop a while back when my hard-drive crashed and I’d really recommend sketchbook pro for this type of task. More of a drawing programme but has layers and really smooth intuitive controls.