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What distractions help us ship? A mooc perhaps?

Seth Godin talks a lot about shipping. “Be a person that ships”, he says. I like that, but I have not always been very good at it. I can be way too ponderous and need to know when just to hit send or publish.

Lizard by TuckerH586 from flickr

Lizard by TuckerH586 from flickr

However, as Merlin Mann points out in one of his videos or blog posts (not this one but they are all good), it is not as simple as that. If we are in the knowledge game then we need to research, we need to read, we need to open ourselves up to the ideas that are out there. I couldn’t agree more, my google reader and twitter feeds have been invaluable in pushing my thinking to new places over these past couple of years. However what Mann says and I think I’m getting a bit better at is to be conscious in what you are spending your time on and why? His advice on email inbox checking is a must view for those who have not read or seen it. I also thoroughly recommend his interview with Seth Godin on the lizard brain where they discuss motivation, Bob Dylan and what stops us shipping.

So what distractions help us ship? Well for me MOOCs (massive open online courses) are an interesting case in point and after reading George Siemens blog post on the very subject I have decided to follow another one about digital storytelling. I follow with these questions in mind that I hope will come back to when I finish the course?

(a) Can participation in a mooc help you ship a project and if so how?

(b) Did participation in the Digital storytelling course change my approach to my digital identity?

Lets see.