Workshops and presentations

As a curriculum coordinator and more recently as an educational consultant I have given many talks on educational ideas with a specific interest in the use of technology and progressive ideas about learning. I can help your organisation by coordinating professional development, delivering keynotes or running and organising workshops.

All the presentations I give are created for the specific audience I am talking with and are designed to initiate and support conversations around the topic in question.

Here are some examples talks I have given with slides either embedded or linked to:

December 2010: Motivation and learning (English and Vietnamese)

November 2009: Restless Digital Natives

Presentation and discussion on the impact on learning by cloud computing with teachers and parents.

September 2009: Assessment for learning

Presentation and Q & A for with parents regarding the new assessment policy we introduced at Yokohama International School. I was MS School Curriculum Coordinator at YIS from Dec 2007 to June 2010

April 2009: Education 2.0: Learning by Collaboration

“Our students’ digital spaces: From walled gardens to communal allotments.”

Talk at educational technology organised by JASCD reflecting on the process of building the learning hub student blog network at Yokohama International School.


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